Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wake Up and Work From Your Home

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Hello everyone! It's been a long long time in Bethlehem since I last written here. Have not been actively pursuing blogging since I worked in a service company back in 2011. But now I am not in service field anymore and I chose to be back ON LINE! It is such a huge relief to be back working from home once again. Yes, they, on the internet, always say, work from home don't pay much. But it sure does pay a lot of the bills and bought groceries too. :-)

Working from home is also working, only it is much simpler minus all the office rules and regulations and do's and don'ts. There are tonnes of choices out there. I chose mine already. Am excited to start!

Work From Home Jobs | Online Jobs | Part Time Jobs

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was reading a blog by an Australian writer/songwriter this evening, and i got so amazed with the simplicity of her expression of words and feelings. I admire her ability to express her thoughts freely. They really do come from the heart. And i find that it triggered my heart to start to write again. It's been so so long since i last wrote on this page. I haven't written for over a year now. The only time i write is hand-writing on a journal i got as a gift from my friend. I tried to embrace the feelings of hand-writing as many says that 'nothing beats the original', but i just couldn't find the fire cos' hand writing is slow and my own is ugly! It didn't spark the fire in me to continue writing on a regular basis. And just recently my laptop crashed, i burnt the chipset, now i have to get it replaced. The store said it would cost me about RM250 or less or more. I think i'm just going to procrastinate for a while on that.Thank God there is still a desktop in this house.

The other reason i think why i stopped writing for a while is because my thoughts are jumbled up and i find that my line of words do not sync with the next line of words. It's like i want to say so many things in just 1 paragraph. I thought to myself, i better not write anything or i will appear ridiculous. Another setback is the fear of expressing my thoughts and my feelings. That is the major no-no for someone who loves to write! Yes, i find myself in fear of expressing myself in writing! So for over a year i kept quiet and i think i'm killing me softly with it! Lol!

But reading other people expressing their emotions today triggered the fire inside and i braved through this and i followed Nike who always say Just Do It! What Nike should explain is the feelings of freedom when you just do it. But that would be too long of a tagline. Yes just do it just do it and just do it. Worst is others will ridicule you but what they dont know is you have won. Yea i feel like a winner tonite. *Smile*

So, after this im going to get a really nice shower and tuck me in to an early sleep (I deserve that because i've been working OT for 3 days already).

Thank you God who knows most than any human being and thank you again for not 'sodom and gomorrah' us for thinking that we know more than you. In Jesus name Amen!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Genocide in Cambodia

One of the dearest topics in my list is the genocide war in Cambodia. So dreadful how evil destroys human.

A genocidal war broke out in the whole of Cambodia in 1975-1979. Who was the culprit? A Cambodian himself, Pol Pot. He was Khmer by race, the indigenous race in the country. This war has resulted in the killing of approximately 2 million khmer people, men, women as well as children out of a population of 8 million (25% of the country’s population)

Why did he do this? Pol Pot believes in indigenous sentiment, that a country must be original without the intervention of other culture such as the modern western (although he himself was educated in France and later involved in the French communist militia).

This sentiment is a mirror of the communism mindset that he adopted while studying in France. Everything must be originally traditional Khmer, but since Cambodia was already involved in the international arena, like other countries in Asia too, a tough and huge effort has been made by Pol Pot to create a pure Cambodia and turn into an agrarian society, communist style. 

Side-note: This sentiment is the exact sentiment of Adolf Hitler as well. His fundamental beliefs:  the German or 'Aryan' master-race must be kept 'pure', with no intermarriage; Germany must be made great again, taking new territory to the east as its rightful lebensraum ('space for living'); the Aryans' greatest enemy is the Jews -

The enemies of Pol Pot were those fellow Cambodian who live with western influence, who had jobs outside agriculture field (singers, artists, doctors etc) and especially those who worked for the government before. Pol Pot was also suspicious over the Vietnamese so they made it into his list of enemies as well. 

The start of the blackest years of the Cambodian

April 17, 1975 – Pol Pot communist regime defeated the Cambodian Government and thus took over in governing the country. This new government was called The Khmer Rouge. They rammed into Phnom Penh and ordered an immediate evacuation of the residence from PP to a new place.

This was the order they gave the city people: “Take as little as you can, you will not need your city belongings. You can return in 3 days time, no one is allowed to stay here. The U.S will bomb the city, the U.S will bomb the city!”

Everyone packed their things and started the march, they didn’t know where they were heading, everyone simply followed the crowd and the Khmer Rouge’s soldiers had their eyes on everyone. The march continued for several weeks, and months, along the way, many died of hunger and exhaustion. Also, many were killed by the soldiers because seemed that they didn’t belong to Cambodia.

These people were doctors, lawyers, executives, bankers, business owners, government employees, engineers, professionals, basically those who had jobs in Phnom Penh other than farmers. All were brutally killed, raped and tortured. The Khmer Rouge has a slogan “to spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss”.  Those who were farmers back in Phnom Penh, can live and joined the new status they were given called ‘the new people’ (basically means original khmer).

Great division among families were widely practiced, parents and small children live in one province, their daughters lived in another, and their sons in another. Pol Pot and his gang, they are called the Angka, said “if there is no unity, there will be no rise against Angka”.

He brainwashed the people – sons killed their fathers and mothers, relatives killed each other, falling in love is forbidden, playing is forbidden, religion was banned, all leading Buddhist monks were killed and temples destroyed. Every level of people from the youngest to the oldest worked in the paddy fields. Every province has their own paddy fields. Millions of tones of paddy were produced each year, but the Cambodian has only liquid rice to eat, twice a day i.e. lunch and dinner.

If you were the last on the queue, you won’t get any rice; all you get was liquid with nothing inside. So they were hungry all the time, that they didn’t have the energy to fight, all they care was to have something to eat. Starvation is one of Angka’s strategies as well.

So for whom was the millions tones of paddy? CHINA! Pol Pot was fascinated with the Chinese communist regime and established a relationship with them. China produced weaponry for the Khmer Rouge and in return they received millions tones of rice each year. With this agreement, the people of Cambodia continue to suffer back then. 

The end of the war

It began in 1978 when Vietnam invaded Cambodia because of Khmer Rouge’s constant border attack. This has given the Cambodian, HOPE. Do check the book First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung (on page 165), and see how hope lifted the people’s motivation to survive, although they were still in constant hunger and weakness.

First they killed my father a daughter of Cambodia remembers

All these details of the lives of millions of Cambodian in the Khmer Rouge era was written beautifully and as detailed as she can remember, in Loung Ung’s First They Killed My Father.

Loung was only 5 years old when this horrific war happened. She, with her 6 other siblings and parents braved through the war and she have the details for us to remind ourselves that evil exist.

An excerpt from Loung Ung’s book:

            As April turns into May and May into June, the leaves shrivel, the trees turn brown, and the river streams dry up. Under the summer sun, the stench of death is so strong in the village, I cover my nose and mouth with my hands and breathe only the air that filters through my fingers.

            There are so many dead people here. The neighbours are too weak to bury all the corpses. Often the bodies are left in the hot sun, until the smell permeates the surrounding air, causing everyone passing by to pinch their noses. The flies come buzzing around the corpses and lay millions of eggs on the bodies. When the bodies are finally buried, they are nothing more than large nests of maggots.

            For lack of anything else to do when my body gets too sick to work in the garden, I often watch the villagers dispose of the corpses. I see them dig a hole underneath the hut of the dead family and cringe as they push the bodies into the hole. The dead families are buried together in one grave. There were times when such scenes terrified me, but I have seen the ritual performed so many times that I now feel nothing. The people who die here have no relatives to grieve for them.

Loung Ung now lives in Ohio with her husband and she is a national spokesperson for the Campaign for a Landmine Free World, a program of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. Besides First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (P.S.), she is also the author of Lucky Child: A Daughter of Cambodia Reunites with the Sister She Left Behind (P.S.)

“This book left me gasping for air…In the end the horror of the Cambodian genocide is matched only by the author’s indomitable spirit.” – Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking.

Related books and movies about Cambodia Genocide:

Lucky Child: A Daughter of Cambodia Reunites with the Sister She Left Behind by Loung Ung

S21 prison is located in Phnom Penh, the capital. It was where thousands were tortured and killed by the Khmer Rouge soldiers. Victims would be chained and kept here before they are sent to the Killing Fields, located in outskirts of the capital. In this documentary, interviews were carried out with the victims as well as those who used to work for Pol Pot as S21 guards. I’ve been to S21 myself and thousands of pictures during S21 operation are displayed. Not only pictures of victims and killings, but also each room in S21 are kept in its originality (minus the bloods) to show us how the Khmer Rouge torture and kill the victims.

A movie based on real story in the genocidal war. A story of a New York Times correspondent, Sidney Schanberg who found friendship with a Khmer, Dith Pran. Dith Pran has an opportunity to escape Cambodia when the US army evacuates the Cambodian citizens but Schanberg managed to persuade Dith to stay and keep sending him first hand news. But Schanberg dreaded with guilt, did his best to arrange for Dith’s escape but Dith was captured by the Khmer Rouge. What happened to Dith?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Damage Done

In 1978, Warren Fellows was caught red-handed in Thailand airport for drug dealing and was thrown to Bangkok's most notorious prison, Bang Kwang prison. Here, he lived for 12 years and all the stories of brutality and terror behind this 'hell on earth' are told in the Bestselling True Story, Damage Done.

Warren wrote this book to share his experience of non-human treatment the prisoners received while being imprisoned. I let Warren explained it to you, "I do not tell this story to bring pity to myself. I know that many people hate me for what i did and would believe that i deserved whatever i got. I can only ask those people to keep reading. If, at the end of my story, you still believe that anyone could deserve the horrors that i saw, then you, too, are a criminal. A vengeful and sadistic one. Maybe you just haven't been caught yet."

Warren had been transferred to a few prisons beside Bang Kwang, he'd been imprisoned in Maha Chai and Lard Yao prisons as well. Although the treatment between these prisons are different but they are still categorized as 'hell'. Can this 'hell' really change criminals to be a better person while inside or after they are out to the real world? Perhaps prisons are where one is suppresed from doing crime and when they are out, they are free once again. Change starts from the heart, we have no need to go far.

How is the condition inside these prisons that Warren been to? I'll write some incidents written on this book to give everyone a glimpse on the notorious prisons of Bangkok.

"David told us to hold the Frenchman down, as he was going to lance the lump with the razor. As soon as the blade sliced the skin, the wound opened up like a new flower. And out of the gash in the Frenchman's neck spilled hundreds of tiny, worm-like creatures, wriggling and oozing out like spaghetti...According to the hospital staff who examined him later, a cockroach had crawled into his ear, burrowed through to his neck and laid its eggs. A man who, somewhere, had a mother and a father, family and friends, had been left to become a living nest for maggots." - pg x-xi

"I was so starving hungry I thought i could have eaten anything. But when i saw what was offered - 3 plates of rice on the ground with a dirty liquid that looked like it might be some kind of stagnant soup - i began to lose my appetite immediately." - pg 53
"The thing people don't realise is that it's not appliances and simple comforts that give people their freedom, but the ability to exercise options. To eat when you want to, shower when you want to, go for a walk or talk to a particular person late at night. These are the things you really notice when they are taken away from you". - pg 54

"In the morning we were taken downstairs for a bath. This consisted of stripping naked and splashing ourselves with water from a horse trough. The water itself was filthy, siphoned from a nearby river which was full of excrement and rotting carccasses of animals." - pg 55

"I had heard of a game once played in Maha Chai - a game that had gone on to become something of a legend. I never saw this happen myself, but i saw drawings the other prisoners had done that depicted the game." - pg 57

"...we would be shackled like animals everyday. It seemed unbelievable that these chains, so rusty and dirty and already eating into my ankles, would not be off my feet at anytime..." - pg 59

"..the entire cell was so thick with the smell of excrement that there was scarcely any point in using the toilet." - pg 60

"It was Building Two that the prisoners feared most. Building Two was the punishement building, and it housed some of the darkrooms...that absolutely no sunlight penetrated the blackness of the darkrooms." - pg 60

On sewer rats: "They'd come out at night in little packs and they'd ferociously attack, biting chunks out of you as you slept. It was dreadful. If you tried to defend yourself, say, by kicking at them, they were quick enough to take a piece out of your foot.." - pg 62

"After 2 days, i was awoken one night to hear the distinct sound of a woman's seemed to echo eerily throughout the building...Building Nine, he said, used to be the women's prison, a place of terrible reputation where rape and murder were daily occurrences." - pg 100-101

"...Bang Kwang is an evil place where no foreigner should be sent, no matter how serious their crime." - pg 117

"Your embassy comes once a month, and you get 30 minutes with them. Get this perfectly clear - the other 30 days, i've got you for every minute. Do you understand?" - Bang Kwang's guard's common threat - pg 126

"They beat him so badly i could not understand why he was still alive and breathing. His skin was broken and streaming with blood. A bone on his arm was sticking out through the flesh and his legs were crippled and mishappen....As if sensing they had pushed him to within an inch of his life, the guards stopped." - pg 128

What right have we got to torture other humans? If yes, then we are arrogant to say that we are living without faults and sins.

More gruesome stories by Fellows in his book:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Forgiveness in possible

It's been a loooong time since i last write something here. I should have written regularly but for the last 1 year, writing was not put in my priority list. I should right? I'll try.

So after so long, i'd like to share what i've learned about 'forgiveness', that it is possible. It's kinda cliche isn't it to hear this. That's why they said 'theory is just for the eyes and the ears,  but experience is for the whole of you'. Since i've experienced it, let me just share what i feel. I repeat, share what i feel, not to change your point of view, but to just share mine.

'i'm so loaded with happiness when i finally learned forgiveness. I am not burdened with my vengeance but i feel lighter than before. To ask forgiveness is easier and to forgive is double the happiness in me'

Forgiveness is possible when i have understood that i cannot do it on my own cos i am not designed to do it on my own. I am desgined to partner with God in order to learn it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A story of Eve and the old woman


Eve arrives at the village sweating all over, dropped her bagpack to the ground and look at the time.

"Thank God it's only 3 o'clock", she thought. She needs to do what her heart tells her.

"I need to find a place to stay, this is hard but this is what i want to do, this is what i'm here for", she thought again, this time with higher spirit. She recognized this spirit, it's the same spirit she had when she was sitting in front of her boss and told him she is resigning on a 24 hours notice.


The old woman

"Oh..i'm staying at home today Emma, so many chores to do around here, the dishes, the sweeping, I have delayed cleaning the kitchen for more than a month now", said the old woman, clutching her hands together, she has a heavy heart saying no to invitations, in fact she is not used to saying no.

"Oh..i thought you never miss doing your chores?", said Emma, her hands on her forehead, covering her eyes from the sunrays.

"I didn't sleep well last night, usually i've finished all the housework by 10 o'clock but today i..ehmm..overslept", said the old woman, somewhat appeared like she is lying.

They waved each other goodbye as Emma started to walk away. In her mind, she could not wait to hear Mrs. William's story. Or gossip.

She didn't exactly lie to Emma, she didn't sleep well because she had the strangest dream.

In her dream, there were three men chasing her in the jungle, the men were wearing their traditional garments, she didn't recognized the tribal group but she knows they were going to kill her if she is caught. She was running but her feet could not bear her much speed. While running, she turned her head to see the men, they were closer to her now.

Then without warning she was already standing on a bridge, she dived into a sea and swam to the middle of the sea where the depth is greater. She was in much fear, afraid of the creatures under the sea, afraid of something might pull her legs and she will be underwater for a long time and eventually die.

That did not happen instead she saw herself standing in front of thousands of people, she was giving a speech and she had finished, everyone applaused, amazed by her speech and the spirit behind the speech. She was the woman in her dream, only at that time, she was much younger.

Before the dream ended, she was told by a voice to wait.

She remembers the voice, for no apparent reason, somehow she feels the voice is telling her to wait at home today. She is not certain, but the old woman believes in the mysteries of the heart. Furthermore, she is tired from last night's 'adventure'.

This is the part where she didn't tell Emma. For her, Emma, Doris, Mrs. William and Jim's wife do not have to know about this thing because they do not understand about the mysteries of the heart.


The meeting

The old woman is busy sweeping the leaves in her backyard, thanks to the three mango trees she grows. She has the mango trees for the last 8 years. She makes the best mango pie in the village. During the fruit festival down town, she sells many different sizes of mango pie. Almost all people in the village especially the twins Johnny and Freddy, love the pie so much. Each can never finish even one slice but they still want more. "Enthusiasm of children", she thought.

"Hello, hi there, good evening maam", said Eve. The old woman is startled to see the girl.

"Good evening, where do you come from?", asked the old woman. Surprised by the sudden greet.

"Oh, i'm from Asia, Borneo, have you heard of Borneo?", said Eve. She's praying hard in her heart that she would not be rejected at the first trial to find a place to stay.

"And you're here for?", the old woman asked. She didn't mean to sound rude, just curious.

"I was at your front yard, I saw you here, i called you but you didn't hear me, so i decided to greet you here at your back yard. I didn't mean to be rude and intrude your compound. My name is Eve, i'm from Malaysia. I'm on a long holiday trip. I like adventure and on this trip, I'd like to do things out of the ordinary. Like for example instead of staying in a hotel or a motel or in a guesthouse, I'd like to stay in a local's house. Why? Because i would really like to know the culture and the people", explained Eve. She had rehearsed that in her mind many times before.

"Oh", the old woman is still digesting the long explanation.

"Are you alone or are there more people with you?", she asked.

"I'm alone, this is my solo trip", said Eve. She is filled with hope.

"So, you want to stay in my house?", asked the old woman.

"Yes, if that is okay with you and your family", said Eve, asking for permission.

The old woman thought, "she looks like an honest girl, but looks can deceive".

"I know this sounds strange. It's entirely up to you, I won't force you to accept me in your house. If you need more time to think about this and discuss with your family, I can wait here", said Eve and looked at her watch, it's 5.30 in the evening and prays hard in her heart.

Like wind rush from nowehre, like lightning struck the earth in high speed, like love at first sight, the old woman's heart is captured when she heard the word 'wait'. She remembers the voice in her dream.

"Could this be related?", she thought, hoping for an answer, she is curious.

"It is almost night time, if not here, this girl will still go door to door and ask the same question, is she doesn't find any house that will accept her, then she would end up at Natty's Inn. Then it would defeat the whole purpose of her adventurous trip", thought the old woman.

What she's really doing is putting reasoning to her intuition. As if the heart is not trustworthy that the logical mind has to support it.

"Come on in, i'll prepare dinner", said the old woman.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Love

Love is mighty
it knows each kind of persona
it knows how persona envy her all the time
but in silence adores her for her mightiness
Love is also an ancient weapon
Love has seen many revelations throughout the ages
Love is wise enough to be a judge
Love first exists before everything else

If that is love, then all other things are from her
it is through her that everything else exist
it is in her that everything else grow
but there is also pain, there is weary, there is frustration
all are like ally to her
a heart where love is born could not bear it sometimes
but a heart has to experience it all
in order to know their difference

A heart full of love said to another heart full of love
"no matter how painful your action towards me sometimes, you are always forgiven"
"i am not afraid of pain, because i know love is a weapon and mightier it is than pain"
"you should not too because we come from the same First Love"
"The First Love that exists before everything else"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Our action towards others has its consequence to us

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Road Less Traveled

The Adventure Trail
"there is where i want to be"

Friday, September 18, 2009

History and Herstory: World War II

Had a very interesting chat over dinner with mum n dad tonite. On World War II: The locals experiences with the Japanese armies. Before that, my bro Jerry brought up the topic over afternoon coffee and he said our grandma helped a chinese man from being behead by the Japanese armies. That really caught my attention, deeply. I have a very strong bond with my grandma, although I was not entirely nice to her all the time. And so I can’t wait to ask my parents about what they might heard from their parents about WWII. Both of them were born post-war.

Mum: Raised in Kg. Tamalang Silou, Inanam. Mau naik bukit lg baru smpi rumah. Has 6 siblings, all but one still live until today. Semua perempuan kecuali satu abang.

Mum’s story No.1

There were 2 chinese guys, Saito and Sianung, operating their own sundry shop in Inanam town. Japanese hated the Chinese so much, when they see chinese they will behead them. Saito & Sianung were spotted by the Jap armies, they then ran to the hill, terjumpa my grandparents’ house. Grandma then hid the 2 guys inside the hole they dug in case of emergency, covered the hole with leaves and branches.

Japan armies tidak selalu kacau locals, they were only after the Chinese. The armies were determined to find Saito & Sianung, arrived at my grandparents’, asked them questions, asked for food and water. When they cannot sense anything wrong there, they moved on further. Saito & Sianung stayed in my grandparents’ farm quite a long time. I don’t know how long exactly. So those 2 guys are safe.

After Japanese lost to American, everything went quiet, calm and people started going out to the town. Habis barang2 di kedai kena kasi jadi source of food and others for the Japs. So semua habis jadi tin kosong. Saito and Sianung started their new shops and each raised a family. Saito and Sianung kedai runcit masih lagi ada di Pekan Inanam now in front of the Shell station. I know Saito has a son and he’s a doctor now in Taman Fortuna, Dr. Tan Kok Sui. Oya, after the war, saito and sianung sell groceries to my grandparents at a lot cheaper price, bleh masuk buku 555 lagi hehe. And that went down to my mum and her siblings, sampai turn kami , teda sudah sbb nda tau sejarah kan. But the shops are still in Inanam until now.

Mum’s story No.2

One day, the Japanese hold a free movie for all in Inanam town. They call upon all people, and all people who were interested and could reach town, went that evening including my mum’s brother, he was still in primary school at that time. Bah teda TV kan di rumah sendiri dulu, jadi ramai la org datang di pekan ni mo tingu wayang. Mum said ‘raaaaaaamai urang’ I assume ramai smpi tidak bulih kira la tu.

What these innocent people didn’t know was that the Japs plan to bomb them that night. But God knows and protects. Before the movie started and when the football field were filled with lots of people from the kampung, it was raining really heavy and wind blew heavily too. Mum remembers grandma said ‘it was an extraordinary rain and wind’ uinah cakap English ba ninik ku..hehe. So nothing could be done except to run home. And bukan dekat lagi rumah dorang ni, mo naik bukit lagi.

The next day, rumor went around these kampung people about Japanese plan to kill them. There was no 2nd call for free movie cause the Japanese knew that the kampung people know about their plan. Ada la tu spy dorang.

Mum’s story No.3

Lack of food, the Japanese killed a guy in his house. Cincang the guy to small pieces and asked the guy’s family to cook him and ate the meat. Many hungry Japanese pun makan. Hmmm…mum bilang ‘cannibal btul oh..’ Grandma only heard this story, I hope the person that told grandma was not exaggerating. Hmm did I hope right?

Mum’s story No.4

In 1945, after Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the Americans went berserk, Americans jetfighters roamed the air, not forgetting North Borneo air. At that time, the japs were on the verge of losing. In one particular site, a local was tie tightly (position like nailed to a cross) in between 2 trees. The jap was about to shoot him, as the army was about to do that, Americans released bombs to the ground. Again God knows and He protects. This is really a miracle when I hear it. When bombs dropped, and Americans fly low near the ground, ini lelaki yang kena ikat, telepas tali dia, ran away to save his life, didn’t care about anything but to save himself. Logically maybe the tali telepas caused by the big impact of the bomb. But miracally said, God’s timing is perfect. I think itu lelaki yg mungkin cerita this to my grandma. Oh and the japs shouted ‘americana, Americana!!’

Mum’s story No.5

A priest or maybe a doctor ran to a local house after being spotted out. He saw women cutting tapioca outside the house, begged the ladies to save her. The women hid him inside a hole and covered him with branches and leaves. And this was very near to where they were sitting. As usual, Japanese came and asked questions, walked around the house and finally went up the hill. Half way, they walked back down, maybe cos penat and tidak confident dapat cari. So the priest or doctor were saved.

Okay that's all from mum's power. Now dad's power lagi. Dad only have 1 story to share.

Dad: Lived in Kg. Montenor, Batu 60 Beaufort. Ni pun atas bukit juga, selalu sa blk kg dulu tp nda juga pandai slim haizz. Has 7 siblings, all but 1 lived until today. Semua lelaki kecuali satu kakak. Dad’s village is near the Padas river where now tourists go for water rafting.

Dad’s story

A Chinese kapitan from China arrived in North Borneo (now Sabah), lived in Beaufort. He was in the wanted list by the Japanese. He ran to NB to save himself, managed to build a business in Beaufort, owned huge lands, he was smart lah to keep it short. Japanese is determined to find him. The Japs arrived in Beaufort, maybe ada dorang punya spy la ni. The kapitan ran up the hill tejumpa my grandparents’ house and begged for help.

My grandpa owned a house where they put the paddy after harvesting. It was at the other side of the Padas river. When the Japs got to know this, they shot the paddy house with a machine gun. Habis bah berterabur padi ingkung sa, anjing pun mati. But surprisingly the Japs didn’t go to my grandpa’s house and kill everyone. Either my dad missing the facts or it was again God’s miracle. Grandpa hid together with kapitan in the forest for a loooong time.

So after the war, kapitan had to go away (back home to China maybe) but he tidak sempat jumpa my grandpa. Rumor said he sent a message to my grandpa through his worker, a message together with huge lands that he developed called Saliwangan Estate. But the worker did not pass the message. I hope my dad didn’t missed facts or salah info.